Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Statement of the Problem

The study will focus on the exploring factors which affect TEMESA to adopt ICTin the publicservices activities. TEMESA a little bit escape from using modern technology in their activitieswhich public service process eventually result to the longest process on provision of serviceswhich makes the additional expenses to the institution to rise(M Charles, 2020) &(TKMurgor2015).

By making the consideration of significance of ICT in government, the government of Tanzaniaimplement various citizen towards focusing on application of ICT plans for the purposeofincreasing efficiency and effectiveness in public services delivery. Despite of the efforts bythegovernment in increasing adoption of ICT, (komba, 2015). report the adoption of ICTinpublicorganization has been quite slow(S Dasgupta, 2008). Therefore, slow adoption of ICTinitiativesin Tanzania government organizations has led to poor performance of these organization. Eventually has led to the limited provision of quality services to the public (Msekwa, 2020).



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